Natural Coffins

Banana Coffin


The banana leaf coffins come in a traditional shape or a square end shape. The square end has a similar look and feel to an English casket. 

The banana leaves support both the structural design of the coffin and the environment, while providing a beautiful finish. Based around a sturdy timber frame, the leaf rope retains its shape with a subtle elegance.


Cardboard Coffin


For those looking for something totally different to the traditional, a cardboard coffin is a green alternative and is made using a honeycomb material made from 100% recycled paper.

The picture show a plain cardboard coffin with rope handles.


Colourful Cardboard Coffin


The colourful coffin pictured here is the bluebell wood design, printed on a cardboard coffin.

Picture coffins are available in cardboard (using a honeycomb material made from 100% recycled paper).

Designs can be chosen from a stock of set designs or have a completely bespoke design made up from your own photos or drawings.

Cardboard coffins can have rope handles only.


Seagrass Coffin


The seagrass coffin pictured here is a curved end coffin and has a fitted lid and secure fastening toggles, strong natural fibre rope handles, and is constructed using a strong cane framework. 

Naturally handcrafted using traditional methods, it has a subtle grey brown appearance.

The Seagrass material is renowned for its quality and durability and is a highly renewable material that comes from sustainable environments.

The Seagrass coffin is available in traditional rectangle shape also.


Somerset Willow Coffin


The Somerset Willow coffin pictured here is in weatherbeaten gold and has a traditional square end, a green plaited willow edge with same coloured bands and handles.

Willow is our premier natural coffin, using materials grown and produced locally in Somerset. Willow is also a highly renewable and carbon neutral crop so offers an environmentally friendly solution, while providing a high quality look.

Somerset Willow coffins are also available with curved ends. They can also be supplied in buff and white willow with plain or a range of different coloured bands and handles.


Woollen Coffin


The woollen coffin is made in Yorkshire using pure new wool, supported on a strong recycled cardboard frame. The interior is generously lined with organic cotton and attractively edged with jute.

The colour pictured is limestone but can also come in a natural cream/white colour.



Price of a tree includes the planting, tree staking, a small wooden name plaque, and maintenance and care of the tree for the first two years after planting


We have a selection of native and native-derived trees that are currently available, but can be subject to change depending on seasonal availability from the supplier. These trees are semi-mature and start at 6-feet tall.

  1. Acer campestre (Field Maple)
  2. Betula pendula (Birch) – several varieties available
  3. Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) – several varieties available
  4. Fagus sylvatica (Beech) – several varieties available
  5. Prunus avium Plena (Wild Cherry)
  6. Prunus padus Watereri (Bird Cherry)
  7. Quercus robur (Oak)
  8. Sorbus aria (Whitebeam) – several varieties available
  9. Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan/Mountain Ash) – several varieties available

Do speak to us if you have a particular tree variety in mind that is not on our list above.


Costs of the natural habitat memorials including fixing it to a tree or preparing the area and ground for it, and includes a wooden plaque,

Bat Box


This bat box has a tried and tested design from the Vincent Wildlife Trust.

The box features three vertical chambers of different sizes, providing ideal roosting space for a variety of species. Beneath the crevice entrances is a ladder which provides a rough surface for bats to land. 

Manufactured from FSC timber with a recycled plastic top. The front and top of the box are black which helps the box to absorb heat.

Proven with seven UK species: Barbastelle, Leisler’s, common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, brown long-eared, Natterer’s and whiskered bat.


Bee Hotel


Specially designed for two common bee home dwellers; the leafcutter and red mason bees. This high-quality bee home comes with removable nesting trays and an overhanging roof to protect bees from the rain. The apex roof is painted (using non-toxic paint) in a light sage green.

We purchase our bee hotels from the RSPB.

Bird Box


This Classic style timber 32mm entry hole nest box is suitable for a wide range of garden birds.

Ideal for the following type of birds

  • Coal tit
  • Blue tit
  • Great tit
  • House sparrow

We purchase our bird boxes from the RSPB which are made with thick timber and will survive for many years without the use of preservatives.


Butterfly Barn


A safe home for all types of butterflies, moths, lacewings and many other species of pollinating insects, it has a slatted centre providing resting and sheltering spots.

The Barn is produced from sustainably managed, FSC-certified wood, with a recycled second-life plastic front


Hedgehog House


The Silhouette hedgehog home is a safe retreat for hedgehogs. The internal entrance is concealed to help them keep safe and help protect them from predators. Although it’s cosy for the long winter, there are ventilation holes to aid air flow.

We purchase our hedgehog homes from the RSPB.