At Leafy Lane, we aim to offer families flexibility and a range of natural options to choose from. Where traditional funerals can be sterile, impersonal and come in set packages, we prefer to let families decide what suits them, and work with them to achieve that. With our natural burials and ash-burial options, we can offer families a choice on burial plots, types of natural memorials, and if they want a funeral ceremony in the beautiful surroundings of our woods. We can create a temporary outdoor structure, and welcome musicians, celebrants and faith leaders and encourage the participation of all in our woodland burials.

At this time, we cannot accept burials from other funeral directors as it is essential that we have full control over the environmental impact of all aspects of the burial.

Planning ahead

Burial plots at Leafy Lane are by their nature limited, so we offer families and individuals the opportunity to plan ahead and reserve space. To talk to us about our options, contact us.