We are passionate about providing families and individuals with natural, eco/green and affordable options, which is why we have invested heavily in creating a natural burial ground. Our ethos is to ensure the woods flourish for years to come and that they continue to be a natural, beautiful and peaceful place to remember a loved one.

So, to ensure the woods are protected and kept as nature intended, we do not allow headstones on graves, but encourage a tree to be planted instead or a small natural slate with simple inscription to be placed. We offer natural memorials, such as trees, bird boxes, bat boxes and bug hotels, which can also have a simple inscription. We do not allow any plastic flowers or anything unnatural in the coffin or casket or on top of the grave.

In order to ensure that what is buried in our woods meets our ethos of being 100% natural and combustible, you can currently only use our funeral directing services. AJB Funerals is an award-winning, independent and family-run funeral directors. Aaron Bewley and his team will take you through all the options available to you; they encourage families to actively take part in not only organising the funeral but, where possible, to participate on the day of the funeral, if they wish.

We aim for our costs to be clear and transparent to you beforehand, and are committed to providing affordable funerals that suit your budget.

Price List

Natural Burial Plot – Single Plot

Burial plots are currently available in the Meadow/Glade section only and are single plot only. Plot Fee, includes interment fee Grave Preparation Total
£950 £600 £1550

Natural & Environmentally Friendly Coffins

Simple Cardboard £450 Colourful Cardboard £900
Bamboo £900 Somerset Willow £1150
Seagrass £900 Banana Leaf £1100
Coco Stick £1000 Cotton Shroud with Bamboo Stretcher £750
Severn Solid Wood From £1200 Tamar Solid Wood From £1350

Natural Memorials

Trees £700

Here is a selection of native and native-derived trees that are currently available, but can be subject to change depending on seasonal availability from the supplier. These trees are semi-mature and start at 6-feet tall. Do speak to us if you have a particular tree variety in mind that is not on our list below.

1. Acer campestre (Field Maple)
2. Betula pendula (Birch) – several varieties available
3. Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) – several varieties available
4. Fagus sylvatica (Beech) – several varieties available
5. Prunus avium Plena (Wild Cherry)
6. Prunus padus Watereri (Bird Cherry)
7. Quercus robur (Oak)
8. Sorbus aria (Whitebeam) – several varieties available
9. Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan/Mountain Ash) – several varieties available

Price of a tree includes the planting, tree staking, a small wooden name plaque, and maintenance and care of the tree for the first two years after planting
Bird Box Bat Box Bee Hotel Butterfly Barn Hedgehog House
£100 £200 £80 £80 £200

Natural Burial – Ashes Interment

Prices include the cost of a tree and its planting, maintenance and care for the first two years. Unattended – No one is present during the interment.
Attended – Family/friends can be present; you may choose to have a small service.
Burial of ashes only.


Unattended – No one is present during the interment.


Attended – Family/friends can be present; you may choose to have a small service.


AJB’s Professional Fees – £1,800

This includes:

An initial meeting with you to discuss your options and all aspects of the funeral, including attending to all relevant and legal paperwork.

Care and support throughout the process, including unlimited phonecalls, emails and additional meetings if needed.

Co-ordinating the funeral with you, keeping you up to date with progress at all stages of the process and, most importantly, ensuring your choices are implemented on the day of the funeral.

A professional team to support you on the day of the funeral.

A personalised announcement on our website to share information related to the funeral with family and friends; this includes the option to make online donations to a charity of your choice.

Transport & Vehicles

Black Tesla Hearse £150 WV Camper Hearse From £900
Black Tesla Limousine (carries 4 people) £150 Motorcycle Hearse From £850
Black Tesla Limousine (carries 5 people) £200 Landrover Hearse From £950
Horse-drawn Hearse From £650

There are many choices of vehicles available, we are happy to find other options for you.


In addition to our fees, there may be third-party costs that we require payment for in the form of a deposit before the funeral takes place. These can include items such as:

Minister/Celebrant/Humanist £200–£300 Orders of service
Depends on photos and number of pages
Newspaper notice
Depends on publication and word count
£35–£600 Catering/venue Hire Price on request
Webcasting/live streaming £60–£400 Funeral photographer From £250

Additional Services

Funeral and Committal on separate occasions £300 Funeral outside working hours/area Price on request
Collection from a private residence/nursing home/hospital £275 Additional mileage £1.55 per mile
Visiting our private chapel of rest £100

Direct Burial at Leafy Lane Woods, Corsham – £2,549

A direct burial is a natural and respectful burial without a funeral. The costs are lower because we choose the date and time of the burial, there is no funeral service and family do not attend.

Burial arrangements £999
This includes:

An initial meeting with you to talk though the process, including attending to all relevant and legal paperwork.

Collection of the deceased within a 15-mile radius, and caring for them at our discreet and specialist facilities in Corsham, Wiltshire.

A simple wood or cardboard coffin.

Transport to Leafy Lane Woods.

Care and support throughout the process.

Fee for a plot at Leafy Lane Woods (£950) and grave preparation (£600) £1550
A direct burial can also be provided at other burial grounds.

Terms of Business

At the initial meeting, we will discuss all possible options available to you and their costs, including any known disbursements (i.e. celebrant fees). We will then provide a full breakdown of the estimated costs of the funeral, which will be emailed to you or a hard copy provided on request.

We require a 50% deposit of the estimated costs before the date of the funeral. Direct cremations and burials require payment in full before the funeral date.

The balance is due within 21 days of the date of the funeral. We accept payment by BACS, credit or debit card.

We reserve the right to add interest at 1.5% compound per month on all accounts outstanding after the due date. All costs incurred in recovering an outstanding account are chargeable to the debtor.

Disclosure of Interest

The owner of Leafy Lane Woods is AJB Funerals Ltd, of which the Company Directors are Aaron Bewley, Kate Bewley and Jonathon Bewley.

The company and directors have no interest in any price-comparison websites, which compare funeral director services, burial costs, etc.

In the last six months, the company and directors have not made any material charitable donation, charitable contribution or payment of a gratuity to a third party connected to the funerals sector.