A natural burial offers an eco-friendly alternative for families who wish to support biodiversity and minimise the footprint of their funeral. We offer environmentally friendly options at every opportunity:

  • Coffins made from fully biodegradable resources; choose from willow, seagrass, bamboo, wool, banana leaf and traditional cotton shrouds.
  • We offer air conditioned cold storage in place of embalming.
  • Ash burial: using by-products of cremation to nourish the woods.
  • Burying loved ones in fully biodegradable shrouds or clothing to return to the earth.

With natural burials at Leafy Lane Woods, we make sure that everything we bury is biodegradable, organic matter that will support the growth of surrounding trees, plants, insect and animal life. Coffins used in Leafy Lane burials are made from natural materials, and if wood is used it will be without the plastic linings and chemical lacquers of standard coffins.

Rather than traditional headstones, which do not biodegrade, we offer a range of natural features that support the surrounding ecosystem, such as bug hotels and birdhouses with natural inscriptions and tree planting in a range of plots.

We often get asked what our long-term plans for the woods are, and whether a burial plot chosen now will be protected for future generations to visit. The answer is Yes, we have created a reserve fund to safeguard the woods, and we will maintain close connections with The Woodland Trust and other similar organisations; this will ensure the woods are protected and can thrive in the future.